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Pesky Fish is essentially an online fish market, selling whatever their small fleet of tiny, sustainable dayboats bring in that day, before cutting out multiple middlemen and delivering this sparklingly fresh produce directly to the kitchens of fish fans throughout the country. Pesky’s model means these Brexit ravaged fishermen and fisherwomen get paid roughly 30% more for their catch than they would normally.

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Creating a true user journey

Pesky asked us to provide some design and development tweaks to their direct-to-consumer website.

5 weeks and a few changes of plan later, we launched a brand new, built from-ground-up website for them with a backend in WordPress and a bespoke front end. We then worked with the business to refresh their entire brand as they wereout to scale. Keep an eye out for these startup veterans as they unravel new adventures in the future.

Tailoring the digital experience to the individual

By understanding fishermen, fishing operations, boats at sea, and customer painpoints, we brought Pesky to the next level.

In a matter of 3 clicks, and a fixed shopping cart, we allowed them to cater for over 20,000 concurrent users in one go.

We make design matter.

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Taking Pesky one step further

We used a data driven design approach to collate and iterate. By monitoring user behavior we were able to further optimize Pesky’s website and increase their sales tenfold in a matter of 6 months.

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