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MixMob is a video game universe. In a near-futuristic world, remix culture dominates fashion, art, NFTs, sports, & more. Mask Up!

Mixmob is developed by seasoned gaming veterans who worked on FIFA, Halo, Battlefield, PokerStars and more. Mixmob is backed by leading crypto investors and guilds, such as DeFiance, Solana Ventures, Merit Circle, Arthur Hayes and others having raised over $7M to date.

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Bang for buck

Mixmob approached us in their early days to build them a community. We used design and growth hacking tools to get them twitter impressions in the millions, followers in the thousands and close to half a million profile visits in the space of 3 months. 

Creativity. Community. Culture.

We took Mixmob’s brand and upped it up a notch to compete with virtual veterans of the metaverse. Glue that’s sticky is hard to take off, and that’s what makes Mixmob memorable.

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Taking Mixmob one step further

By studying the crypto market we realised Twitter and Discord were the swiss army knives we needed to keep those Mask users coming. After over 10,000 followers, $7M in investment, Mixmob is now fully equipped and ready for their product cycle.

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