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With Doué you will find jobs, explore inspiring events and dive into a world of content.

Doue is an exclusive members club for creatives aged 16-25.

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Branding big

Doue came to us with courage, boldness and inclusiveness. We partnered up with a reputable studio in London to bring to life the Doue brand. 

This was a series of workshops to outline their visual and brand strategy followed by user interface design.

Tailored to the masses

By understanding Doue’s target market we created a brand, a community, a sprinkle of culture. 

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Taking Doue one step further

As Doue’s crowd grew, so did their digital needs. We took them one step further by designing a product from scratch, which careed the brand guidelines with it to seek empowerment. This was followed by a fully fledged web application enabling Doue to conquer one candidate at a time.

Now they help young creatives get their dream jobs.

Find out more here.

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