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Founded by Christiana Christou. Coralenia is an ecommerce solution that brings to life hand-crafted, beautiful jewellery, enabling customers to purchase their long awaited gems. From the landscapes of Limassol, through to a global-selling ecommerce platform, Coralenia aims to cater for the masses.

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web design cyprus coralenia brand strategy

Creating a true user journey

It was important that the design had a calming influence on the user. We ensured the content delivery was steady and flowing, the design was light and well-spaced, and the animations were as natural as possible. We also incorporated elemental aspects such as earthy tones, moving seascapes, and patterns and photography inspired by the golden hour.

Tailoring the digital experience to the individual

We took the brand and brought it to fruition in earthy tones, a bespoke customer journey with a three click purchase using Stripe as our favored payment service provider.

web design cyprus branding coralenia

Taking Coralenia
one step further

As Coralenia’s collection of content grew, so did its subscribers. Before go-live, we built a subscription process that linked with Stripe’s API to ensure that users would only be able to access content depending on their user status: anonymous, registered, or premium.

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