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We partnered with football charity and the world’s only non-profit football product manufacturer, Alive and Kicking and Design Agency HeyBigMan! to create a website for their fictitious football team, and awareness-generation weapon, AKFC. Now featured on Playstation 5’s FIFA 21′

AKFC was created for the purpose of promoting the charity in innovative ways, the latest being via a partnership with EA Sports and their global gaming phenomenon, FIFA 21

Gamers were able to unlock the shirt by taking on the Africa 11 Challenge in the Squad Builder Challenge mode in FIFA, and creating a squad made up of the best players from the African continent.

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Creating a true user journey

What was vital for us was to create a home for AKFC to be able to showcase their t-shirt, their footballs and their culture and sell for a good cause

Tailoring the digital experience to the individual

We went from zero to hero enabling Alive and Kicking charity to sell hundreds of thousands of balls. This in turn gave opportunities to children to use football as a force for good and stay healthy

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Taking AKFC one step further

As AKFC’s football collection of content grew, so did its subscribers. More and more people started donating and living the AKFC brand. From YouTube influencers, to footballers, to every day people. 

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