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Taxcom is a boutique tax firm specializing in Tax Advisory & Transfer Pricing services from Cyprus. They approached us as a new small business seeking to obtain their digital presence with a modern brand and a lead converting website

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Creating a true user journey

We got immersed into Taxcom’s business proposition and branding pillars – product, placement, promotion and people to make sure Taxcom competes with the Big 4 financial and accounting firms

Tailoring the digital experience to the individual

We ensured Taxcom’s visual identity not only showed the world who they were, but had a community-first approach to their services


Taking Taxcom one step further

Through a brand strategy and visual identity, we took all the elements and built a website for our client that was aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate and most importantly had the appropriate contact details to make it a one-click wonder for each tax-seeking client to get in touch

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