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Renovi Studios is a 3D Design and Modelling studio for the Metaverse. They design for Metaverse platforms such as Decentraland, The Sandbox and many more Metaverse worlds. They aim to bring your brand to the Virtual World.

renovi studios branding cyprus study
renovi web design

Branding big

Renovi Studios came to us with courage, boldness and inclusiveness. 

This was a series of workshops to outline their visual and brand strategy, followed by user interface design and a website.

Tailored to the masses

By understanding Renovi’s target market we created a brand, a community, a sprinkle of culture. We ensured to give our client a sprinkle of luminosity to cater for their virtual needs. 

renovi logo for branding cyprus

Taking Renovi one step further

We amalgamated Greek culture, with the modern Metaverse, to bring together a brand with a bold visual idenity.

The metaverse is a place that instills confidence as one can take creativity to infinity with their avatar, blockchain technology and their unique NFTs.