ADIDAS x Power League - Pitch, Please

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Frontend Development

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Pitch, Please! Is a power trio between ADIDAS, Power League and VERSUS. Three large organization that come together to help women in the U.K play football more accessibly.

Versus Project
Versus web design

Creating a true user journey

We built a platform for Pitch, Please! which enables users to come together and book 5-aside football all across the United Kingdom, which is sponsored by ADIDAS & Power League. 

Tailoring the digital experience to the individual

By understanding the end client, and getting immersed into the visual identity provided, we were able to build a website from the ground up to cater for the masses. 

Our moto was “keep things simple”. If a user can scroll through and make a booking in a couple of clicks, it’s a win!

web design cyprus project for football

Taking Pitch, Please! one step further

By bringing together the visual identity, web design and build, we were able to serve hundreds of football players around the world and notify them with a fully bespoke emailing system, nation-wide, on when it’s time to tie their shoe laces and start scoring goals.

Can I have that pitch, please?

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