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Peter Andre is a reputable musician in London, UK. Now celebrating 30 years in the music industry, he approached us to launch his new website and NFTs

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web design cyprus musician project

Creating a true user journey

We took Peter Andre’s classic touch and prestige, and turned it into a flamboyant yet vibrant brand which looms into the shadows of the modern Metaverse

Enabling users to purchase live show tickets with free NFTs in the click of a button

Tailoring the digital experience to the individual

NFTs are the modern era’s buzz word. We took the classic ticket purchasing experience and embedded NFTs to give new life to the fans

Paired with gradient bursts of the nostalgic 1990s, we bring new life to the new world of Peter’s music

peter andre

Taking Peter one step further

Not only did we give them a fast loading website, a bold brand identity, but we helped Peter Andre build a community of passionate crypto enthusiasts. With millions of fans, a free NFTs gave more value to his community. We used bespoke illustrations crafted with love for the platinum tier NFTs to ensure no stone was left unturned