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Mara, a start-up funded by Coinbase Ventures, is the gateway to Africa’s financial system. Bringing together a web application for the masses, and catering for the world. 

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Creating a true user journey

From user journey flows, to user interface workshops, to branding endeavors, we brought together a website and brand for Mara that has reached over 500K downloads and over 2M monthly visitors.

Tailoring the digital experience to the individual

By keeping things simple, we took elements of their brand identity and dispersed it equally through their digital experience. 

One custom icon per section to resemble the African culture and bring to life technology that helps the masses.

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Taking Mara one step further

By engaging with C-level executives, and stakeholders, we were able to extract all requirements, transcribe those into actionable, bite-sized design and development requirements and enable Mara to explode into the cryptoverse.

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