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Founded by Maria Lavithi Howard. Heroes Made is an Software as a Service solution that brings to life a learning platform for children to be able to take lessons online in the form of a virtual classroom, while being immersed in a full-blown digital world where not all heroes wear capes, unless they’ve graduated!

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Building a memorable brand

We took Maria and the team at Heroes Made through a full cycle journey where we identified their brand strategy, tone of voice and visual identity

We were not simply building a brand, we were creating an entire world for children to get immersed in. From the swooshing sounds of wands to the capes and puzzles that spark a child’s imagination

Tailoring the digital experience to the individual

That’s rightly put. We developed characters like “Default Mike” to immerse the children into the Hero-verse

We opened doors to creativity through colors, shapes and memorable items

We ensured to bring a touch of modern simplicity but a vibrant aesthetic to be fully engaged when it came to the user experience

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Taking Heroes Made
one step further

Yes, our target market was adults, but adults were once children, who then had children, who wanted to conquer the world

We made sure that each screen, through the visual identity, checked each and every box to enable our client’s user base to have an unforgettable experience from the first sign-up form, all the way through to the last lesson

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