How long does it take to make a website?

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A common question we get from the clients is: how long will my project take to be delivered?
Our usual response – it depends. We usually need to get more details about the project and either receive or create a brief, to better assess the time frame.

There’s a few things to consider in this process. So, from the initial discover stage and planning to a complete live and deployed website – how long does it take?

Well – It’s not that simple.
Web design projects durations may vary. At Mojo we know that each of our projects is unique, so we treat them all as unique cases, and therefore we prepare a detailed plan crafted to each project’s specifications.

From experience, we can say that an average web design & web development of a project, following our process and feedback loops from the client will last from anything between 6 – 12 weeks, depending on the requirements.

Tell me more!
There’s a few things that’ll determine the website’s duration. Less pages and minimal functionality will usually take less time to build than ones with a large site map, animations and more complex features.

Impactful points to your website’s duration:

Number of pages ( Sitemap ) – how large is your website and how many individual or bespoke pages will we need to design?

Feature complexity and integration? – are there any specific requirements from a technical standpoint (e.g. multilingual website, CMS and/or CRM integration needed)?

Design requirements – do you already have your brand established with your brand guidelines, or would you like us to work on that for you too?

Content (is king) – You’ll need to get all hands on deck to prepare your content strategy. We know we can support you on various bits and pieces relating to your call to actions and specific one-liners that’ll bump your brand, however, we believe that content is king, and you know your business best, so we always wait for you to supply the content.

What’s the process?

You may wonder why 4-12 weeks and what exactly happens during this time. To find out more, keep reading.

Week 1: Kick-off meeting & discovery phase
Here’s where we get to know you, your business and your project. We get everything organized and set up right, that way we have a solid basis and a mutual understanding of the goals for the next few months.

Week 2: UX Design
After we get all the important stuff, we work on the skeleton of your website. This is when we focus on your users and their experiences, how we want their journeys to look like and what goals we want them to achieve.

Week 3-4: UI Design
User Interface design – all the visuals that make your website come to life. We apply your brand guidelines and our design expertise to your website at this stage. We provide you with a design prototype that includes all previously agreed templates and make sure you give us all the feedback we need.

Your feedback is key to us, so we give you all the time you need. This varies on the scope of the project.

Week: 5-10: Web Development
Design sign off? Then we’re ready to code! We develop your website exactly how it’s been designed and give you a test link once it’s been fully cooked.

Week 11-12: QA & Testing
You now have the test link, you’ve soaked up all the website’s goodness, we do some final testing and polishing before the big moment… going live! Here we give you a round of feedback and time to finalize the content.

Week 12: Rock n’ roll time – Let’s go live!
It’s celebration time. We’re live. If you’re worried about what comes next, you shouldn’t Most of our clients become longer term partners, and we’re more than happy to add you to our list 😊.

Your project with Mojo

With plenty of websites in our portfolio, we have found that 4-12 weeks is likely the minimum timeframe you need to prepare for the launch and just the amount of time we need to get you your dream website.

Are you rushing? Don’t worry about a thing, ’cause every little thing, is gonna be alright.. There are ways we can tackle that too. Ain’t no mountain high enough! Just let us know, and we’ll be on it.

Our expert team in Cyprus loves focusing on the UIUX, web design and web development aspects of small SMEs, big companies, startups and entrepreneurs as we see the immediate impact our website techniques have. Big smiles! Come say

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