How to make Google your bish

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You have a swiss army knife – your website. Let’s find out what we can do to rank higher on Google.

Most businesses, whether they have creative or company websites, have valued content that’s beneficial for users and for their clientele. But if that info isn’t making it on the first few pages of Google, no one will notice them.

If you follow these steps, your landing pages and blog content will benefit from organic search engine rankings.

Rise Your Site Speed

The most crucial step to raise your rankings on Google is to enhance site speed. Google takes site speed with lots of care. If your page doesn’t load fast, more peeps will get the hella outta there, real quick.

Fortunately, there are lots of cool tools out there, so you can check your website speed. Sites like GTMetrix and Google Page Speed Visions can offer you a well-rounded approach and image of how speedy or how slow your website is.

Goes without saying – the quicker your site loads, the better the ranking. But aside these tools, there are certain things you can check on your own.

It’s vital to check your personal website and all of its moving parts. Photos for example can slow down your site, so it’s vital to ensure you compress them.

If you can increase your page speed, you’ll be a step ahead of the pack in terms of ranking on your good ol’ friend – Google.

Ensure you have the right sub-headers, optimize heading tags & your global content.

You’ve maybe heard a lot about SEO. Oh yes. SEO is king, and by investing in optimizing your content for keywords, you’re once again going to hit the front pages.

Where on earth does SEO matter the most though on a website? Sub-headers, headers, and subtitles. Also, your H1s, H2s, and subtitles are your swiss knives when it comes to Google and SEO.

It is here that all your meta data must consist of the exact keywords you need to rank for. Place them at the start of each section to confirm that Google is gobbling up that juicy content.

Make sure your text is legible

Mobile? Desktop? Make sure everyone can read the content on your website, your admirers will get groovy. You’re creating content with a drive. You need people to read it.

If consumers can’t read a blog of your website, they’ll just run away. They won’t search further or check other cool stuff you’ve got to offer. Make sure you’re using clear, legible text, as that looks awesome in front of your users. That’ll bring more traffic, longer bounce rates and result in people spending more time on your site reading up on all your magic.

Moral of the story? Make Google’s your bish. Hopefully that was useful and that you learned something! Let’s get ra-ra-ranking!

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