Ascanio x Mojo Partnership

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Mixed reality meets design - say what?

As veterans in a galaxy far, far away, a group of friends and experts in software engineering, mixed reality, design and branding came together to form a strategic alliance.

Just like in any Star Wars film, the digital era is a period of web wars in the galaxy. 

A brave alliance of underground software engineers, brand strategists and design consultants have challenged the tyranny and oppression of the awesome digital empire.

Since inception, this strategic alliance has been hidden behind closed doors, where the team led by George Tziazas, Minas Kyriakou and Jacob Papageorgiou have been building brands and working with projects of the likes of EA Sports, FIFA, Netflix, IDEA Innovation Center, Kinisis Ventures and more. 

Together, where each to their own strengths, has focused on bringing to life the best user experiences for all things digital. 

From early stage startups, to mobile apps, to mixed reality, to web design and web development. All from the comfort of our home and offices in Cyprus.

“If there’s any technology that exists in the galaxy, we’ve done it all… at least once” – George Tziazas, CEO of Ascanio

We’re thrilled to publicly announce this strategic alliance, where we welcome all startups, founders, ideas and digital projects home. 

With our arsenal of tools and expertise, this alliance drives business growth by empowering clients to benefit from the ever-changing needs of the market and its demands.

Are you ready?

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