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Mojo is a web design & branding agency in Cyprus.

We help businesses accelerate growth, refine their messaging, and win clients.

We're an award-winning web design & branding agency in Cyprus

Whether a company is growing or is brand new, we work with businesses of any size to find their purpose, their tone of voice, understand their clients, and clearly define their goals.

Our web design and branding agency in Cyprus powers ambitious entrepreneurs and small businesses. We focus on building brands, web design, and web development – for people like you.

As a goal, we strive to help you and your clients connect in a more people-centered way. We want you to feel like you’re a part of something that’s both beautiful and exciting, and that makes life easier and more fulfilling for everyone. We make design matter.

Mojo’s web design, branding and web development approach enables us to create engaging experiences that skyrocket your sales.

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amazon kindle logo for cyprus website mojo design
bbc logo for branding agency cyprus web design
vogue logo for website and branding agency cyprus
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What our web design clients say

Together we define, web design, and develop transformative user experiences for our clients' websites

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We believe the best branding and web design Cyprus projects are delivered collaboratively

Our manifesto goes by – Purpose. Product. People.

As a branding and web design agency in Cyprus, we put people at the heart of our design work. From the first consultation to collaborative design workshops, their input and ideas enhance our work and build harmony.

Rather than diving into solutions or structured deliverables, we open doors to outside ideas. We ask, listen, and value every voice.

We think, design and deliver creative ideas together.

At Mojo, we are passionate doers. Design is at the heart of what we do. Our website design, branding and web development experts in Cyprus are here to take you one step further than you’ve ever imagined.

We’re here to show you that clicking, scrolling, searching, pixel hunting, growing your business and sharing is what we do best, and we’re here to do it for you.

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Our team creates exceptional digital products, web design, and branding from our studio in Cyprus.

Each new web design cooperation begins with a thorough discovery phase during which we fully acquaint ourselves with your company. Our talented team of web designers in Cyprus conduct user research, competitor analysis, stakeholder interviews, and content consolidation. The outcome is a strategy for implementing a comprehensive brand and user experience. You can start by getting help from one of our design experts.
Today, a brand is all about the emotions it evokes in its audience. It is not a visual identity, a logo, or a design for a digital product but rather a comprehensive system that integrates all channels and places of contact. We are a branding agency in Cyprus that provides a whole range of services, including visual identity, brand strategy, web design and logo creation. 

These days, web design is a key component of every digital product. As a user experience and web design agency in Cyprus, our main goals are to boost conversion and boost client engagement. Our design and branding talents extend beyond web applications, mobile apps, and cross-platform digital experiences. As a web design agency in Cyprus, we produce goods and services that are incredibly usable and completely embody the character of your brand.

Our web design Cyprus agency offers front-end development services. We work directly with our designers. We design native mobile apps for iOS and Android, online applications, wearable app development, and enterprise software as a web design, branding, and development agency.

We’re a web design & branding agency that develops cutting-edge websites by thoughtfully fusing brand storytelling with user experience. Our web designers and web developers build responsive websites that look great on all devices. We provide everything from product landing pages to marketing websites that convert, to intranet portal web design for businesses.



At Mojo, the user experience is at the center of everything we do. As a branding, web design, and web development agency, we planted our seeds in Cyprus. We started out by focusing on websites but swiftly broadened our range of services to include web application design, e-commerce, enterprise level branding, as well as web design and web development for cutting-edge technologies like CRM systems, wearables and blockchain.

We get that question a lot. Both in Cyprus and around the world, there are many skilled web design agencies. When the bar is set so high, it can be challenging to stand out. 

What then makes us stand out? It’s the caliber of our UX/UI & web design work and the skill required to produce it. We design user interfaces and digital products that are simple to use, attractive, and do the greatest job of showcasing your brand. Then, it’s the people that actually carry out your project. 

Finally, we combine creative and product design expertise under one roof, unlike most traditional web design agencies and user experience designers. Imagine a UX/UI web design agency meeting a branding company — that’s us.

We can, yes. We are renowned for building marketing websites that accomplish the objectives of our clients by fusing brand storytelling, award-winning web design, and the newest web technology. We gain new clients who are already big supporters of our work thanks to the high conversion rates and continuous sharing of our websites.

As a web design agency in Cyprus, we frequently collaborate with start-ups of various sizes. What could be better than assisting innovators in bringing novel ideas to life? We like working in an environment that moves quickly and pushes our abilities. The greatest success for us is watching our startup clients expand and dominate globally.

The design thinking methodology serves as the foundation for our UI/UX web design process, allowing us to be adaptable to virtually any project type and collaboration style. Although every UX UI web design project is different, the following important phases are consistently followed: R&D, Strategy, Web Design & Web Development.

We do, indeed. We are a user experience agency first and foremost, and branding is a vital feature of any UX UI web design project. We identify as a new breed of branding agency that specializes in online businesses, digital goods, and direct-to-consumer businesses.

Few UX web design firms in Cyprus have the ability to establish a visual brand for a multi-million dollar startup as we did for Mara. Research, brand and digital strategy, logo design, visual identity, graphic design, motion design, style guide development, and web design are just a few of our branding capabilities.

But frequently, our clients give us a brand strategy or even a full set of visual identity materials. In these situations, we begin by carefully integrating the existing brand base to whatever we are building while making sure to enhance and enrich the brand while adhering to its origins.

The project scope, timeline, deliverables, and team all directly affect our pricing. We prefer working on a time and materials basis, where you pay us for the time spent, when the scope isn’t fixed or the project is particularly dynamic. However, the majority of our agreements for UX UI web design are for fixed prices. In this instance, after learning as much as we can about your project, we’ll present you with a comprehensive proposal.

We use hourly rates based on the hours we think the project will take to be done.

A sample project with a UX web design agency, for instance, might take 4 weeks and cost €1,500–5,000. Based on the team resources, we would develop a unique rate card for you for time and materials engagements. Our fees for junior designers range from €40/hour to €100/hour for our design directors. For qualifying startups, we also offer discounted charges. But, it all depends! Please email us to get a quote.

Sending us an email with a brief description of your project or a request for proposal is the first step if you’re looking for a UI/UX web design Cyprus agency. We typically respond to requests for an introduction call in 24 hours.

We will discuss the project goals, target audience, budget, timing, and other crucial aspects in-depth during our initial session. Even though we always treat client communications as confidential, we can sign an NDA if necessary. To evaluate costs and approaches to UX UI web design, as a startup, we advise contacting a number of user experience design firms.

While many UI & UX web design agencies simply bill by the hour, we make every effort to determine the project’s cost before we begin. After the call, we could ask for other kinds of paperwork, such a design briefs, project specifications, previous designs, etc. If we’re redesigning a product that you’ve already built, we’ll be confident in asking you for a demo day, so we can dig in ourselves.

A proposal will be emailed to you, and we may arrange a video chat to go through it with you. A thorough explanation of our UX UI web design Cyprus strategy, project phases, activities, and deliverables, the size of the design team, and related case studies are all included in the UX web design Cyprus agency proposal.


Fun fact - the speed of your website has a big impact on your business' sales

A fast-loading website appeals to users, as well as to Google.

Your users will bounce, hit n’ run, and probably not buy if your website loads slowly.

It’s a good idea to combine an aesthetically appealing website design with appropriate web development techniques to make a faster-loading webpage.

Faster webpage load times result in a smoother user experience. Visitors are more likely to be happy when a webpage loads quickly. It is more likely that a visitor will buy things when they’re happy and have a good online experience.

Our branding agency, website design, and website development team in Cyprus can help you improve your website’s loading speed and skyrocket your sales!
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